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I'm interested in amplifying nuances of the implicit inescapable performativity of life. I explore and source lived experience, and knowledge as material for performance. I see the body/mind as a library, a place of prediction and incantation. I reject notions that detach the mind and body into separate categories. I emphasize their complex convergence and decline working models that reduce people to simple materials.

My choreographic work digs into sociopolitics, often with surrealistic humour and abstraction. I value kindness, collaboration, autonomy, rigour, persistence and transformation. I support expanding feminist, LGB2TQ, BIPOC and neurodiversity spaces in the arts sector and society. Ideally, my artworks function as spells to dissolve shame and promote positivity despite saturnine realities. My work has focused on the resilience and representation of queer people and others in ways that travel across dance, performance art, theatre, music, text, voice and digital art.

My studies of a wide range of Occidental and African contemporary and postmodern dance practices with master choreographers have nourished my artistic practice significantly. My academic research associated with the history of communication studies, gender, neurodiversity and sexuality also informs my research and creation projects.

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