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I resist body states and working models that reduce our beings to tools, materials or property. I challenge these notions while working within the same outlets they appear in; sexuality, gender, cohabitation and physical manifestations of values. I prioritize kindness, collaboration, autonomy, persistence, optimism and transformation. If not explicitly, the subtext of my work inevitably carries spells to dissolve shame. 

I support expanding feminist, LGB2TQ, BIPOC and neurodiversity spaces in the arts sector and society. My body of work has focused on the resilience and representation of queer people, and others, in ways that travel across dance, performance art, theatre, music, text, voice and digital art. As a filmmaker, I use the medium to represent lived experiences in surrealistic ways, often with humour.

My studies of a wide range of contemporary and postmodern dance practices and work as a dancer with master choreographers, including Zab Maboungou, Benoit Lachambre and Sara Shelton Mann, inform my work significantly. My academic research associated with the history of communication studies, gender, neurodiversity and sexuality also feeds my art practice.

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