I’m aiming to create performance situations where physicality, imagination and thought-provoking concepts with sociopolitical content converge.

Relationships are at the heart of my art-making. In my body of work, I have explored relationships between the performer and audience, the individual and nature, live sound and the moving body, intimate and public contexts, senses of belonging and marginalization, and I’ve put forward many queer notions of gender and sexuality that exist outside of the status quo. I'm motivated towards supporting discussions about empowerment and inclusion in my work and the world at large.

With a foundation in contemporary dance practices, party dances and ballet, my practice is also informed by my studies of  Central African dance technique at Nyata Nyata school of dance (2011-2019), and my academic research associated with the Graduate Diploma program in Communication Studies at Concordia University (2017-2018).


In my choreographic practice, I work with fundamental principles and structures of the body to create sustainable movement situations and support physical empowerment of the performers.


As I have continued to integrate digital technologies into my work over the years my objective has been to re-humanizing bodies as they are framed by technology. In my emergent practice as a writer/director/editor in the video projects I use video as tools to tell stories that represent peoples’ lived experiences in surrealistic ways, often with humor.

(George Stamos 2019)