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Montréal based choreographer/dancer/director/teacher George Stamos has been active in the professional contemporary dance world since the mid-1990s. Originally from Nova Scotia Canada, George received his BFA (Dance) from The Amsterdam University of the Arts in 1993 and spent his formative years in the queer performance art and contemporary dance milieus of Toronto, London, Amsterdam and New York. In 2018, George completed the graduate diploma program at the Department of Communication Studies of Concordia University. In 2009 and 2017, he was a resident artist at the Baryshnikov Arts Centre in New York, and from 2012 to 2015 at Agora de la Danse. In 2014, George received the much sought-after Northrop McKnight Fellowship for International Choreographers Award and has received critical acclaim across his career for his inventive creations. In autumn 2021, George completed a Western Canadian tour of his piece Recurrent Measures DELUXE. Regularly performing in his own work, George has also danced with many pioneering Choreographers, including Benoit Lachambre, Sara Shelton Mann, and Zab Maboungou. Since 2016 George has produced/directed several short videos and is currently in the production phase of a video project titled SNAP that will feature Vogue and Waacking icon Archie Burnett (AKA Grandfather of the House of Ninja) among other prominent dance artists.

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